“Geohidroengineering” LLC, from Skopje, participated in the research/investigation and preparation of geotechnical reports for the needs of design of the dam “Konsko” and its associated facilities, as well as in the research and preparation of the geotechnical report for the quarry within the dam.

After the completion of the research and preparation of the geotechnical reports, an expert team of engineers and technicians from “Geohidroengineering” LLC Skopje, is engaged on the dam “Konsko” – Gevgelija, to conduct field laboratory tests, determine the quality of built-in materials , asphalt core and stone material for filling the layers of the dam – Filter 1, 2 and supporting body made of pumice stone) and meeting the required standards.

“Geohidroengineering” is also engaged in the preparation of geological documentation of the performed condition before starting the construction of the dam and its associated facilities.

“Geohidroengineering” LLC Skopje participated in the additional research conducted in the construction phase of the dam Konsko, by researching the location of the quarry to provide material for making concrete and asphalt mixtures, as well as material for filling filter layers 1, 2 and the supporting body of the dam.